Monday, September 8, 2008

How to Make Popsicles

Kennison and I get lots of fun things done during the boys' morning naps. Not too long ago we made popsicles. I figured I should get these pictures up since it's not longer popsicle weather. Here's a lesson in making them with a toddler.


Pour apple juice into popsicle mold.


Add one drop of food coloring to make them pretty.


Stir with a citrus peeler.


Replace sticks. Smile behind the finished, liquid-y product. Place in the freezer.


Chill while waiting for the popsicles to chill... well, freeze.


Enjoy popsicle outside in swimwear and a diaper.


Clean up by playing with water toys in old duck pool.


If you're too young to eat a popsicle, enjoy a bottle instead.

I also found cool new recipes... including DRIPLESS popsicles at this website so I'm sure we'll be trying these soon. The molds were a pain, though. I'm going to use Dixie Cups and wooden sticks next time.

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