Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Festivities (Part 1)

Well, the birthday festivities have begun, and will last another week and a half, culminating in Jack's airplane party when Gigi and Papa Jack fly into town. Tonight, however, we did the traditional 1st Birthday Dinner. Jack ate off of is very own new set of big boy plates, bowls, and silverware, having hamburger, baked beans, corn, and applesauce. Jack wore his special bib from Allie.

DSC01899 DSC01906

Jack then got to open his present from Grandma and Grandpa, and spent a good bit of time playing with it. It is so cool!


DSC01933 DSC01929

For dessert was pumpkin cake with orange icing and Jack did not disappoint.

DSC01948 DSC01955 DSC01952 DSC01970 DSC01978


After bath time to clean up, Jack helped Daddy do the dishes. What a great helper to clean on his birthday! It was then straight to bed for the boy up a hour past his bedtime, and we haven't heard a peep since!

DSC01985 DSC01990 DSC01988 DSC01989


Jack is the luckiest little boy because he has a very talented Daddy who loves him lots! Daddy got creative an made him something special that he can hopefully enjoy for a long time. Daddy drew lots and lots of plans then spent an entire Saturday building Jack is very own play table.

He ordered special plate inserts that are a Lego base mat on one side and a Duplo (toddler sized Legos) base mat on the other side. He even built an awesome shelf on the bottom of the table to store all the play toys.


Although Jack will be getting some Duplos to play with soon, Mommy decided to make the table multi-purpose. Mommy made play mats for different toys out of felt and put velcro on the edges of the table (so the mats will stay in place). Each of the mats has different pieces made of felt (like roads, etc.). All the felt pieces have velcro on the back so they can be moved around on the mat.


The airport terminal mat


The train mat


The car mat


Jack playing with his awesome table!


We'll leave you with the video of the traditional first birthday cake.

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