Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Little One!

1 year old

Jack's first year has been full of wonderful things. This blog has been such a great way to chronicle his life. I wanted to take a while to remember all about Jack's first year! Here's my little commentary to Jack about his first year.

Halloween 07 (2)

You were a great newborn. Other than some initial problems getting you to wake up to nurse, you were pretty darn easy. You nursed like a champ, and while you still got up every 2-3 hours to nurse at night, you always went right back to sleep in your basinet.

One Month (19)

By one month you were an expert eater, and your personality was starting to show through. You had developed a strong attachment to Mommy (which I loved) and an aversion to EVER being put down (which I sometimes loved).

Christmas 07 (38)

At two months, you little personality had come out in full force. You would smile at us, and melt our hearts. You had also been on your first of many airplane trips, to Florida at Christmas time. You rolled from your tummy to your back at this age.

Jan 08 (58)

By three months, you seemed so much less like a newborn! You loved to sit in your Bumbo, and did a great job of supporting your head. You continued to wake up every 3 hours in the night to eat, but were good to go back to sleep right away. Mommy also went back to teaching two days a week, and you didn't like to take bottles for Miss Wendy. This was a special month because you were baptized, and Gigi, Papa Jack, and Great Grandmother Momsie came to be with us.

Feb 08 (46)

When you were four months old, you began to jabber a lot! You also decided you didn't like your pacifier anymore. You slept through the night once at this age, then didn't do it again until you were almost a year old!

Copy of March 08 St. Pattys Day (20)

At five months you got to be such a big boy! During this month you started to eat baby oatmeal, and loved it! You were in your very first parade, which you slept through. And at 18 pounds, you also moved from your baby car seat to your big boy car seat!


When you turned six months old, you started sitting without Mommy's help! You also started drinking (little bits) of water from a sippy cup. You loved to bounce in your Johnny Jump Up, and talked all the time. You most definitely hated to sleep- you never wanted to nap and would get up lots of times a night. Mommy and Daddy were tired!


At seven months you were quite a ham. You loved to smile and make everyone else smile too! You had a busy month. You went to Florida for Lauren's graduation, celebrated your first Mother's Day with Mommy, and celebrated Daddy's birthday.


When you were 8 months old, you got to spend a lot of time with your grandmas while Mommy worked at camp, and you loved it! You got your first (and second) tooth and started trying to get up on your knees into crawling position. You also liked to stand holding on to furniture, and learned to pull to a standing position. You really enjoyed the warm weather, and we spent a lot of time outside!


Nine months was a big month for you! You got your third, four, fifth, and sixth teeth (all on top!), and started crawling. But your favorite thing was to walk everywhere holding a grown up's fingers. You also got your first haircut, explored everywhere, and said mama, dada, up, and hot.


At 10 months you changed so much. Now that you could move around, you were such a happy baby. You stilled loved your mama, but liked other people a lot more now! You started using some words specifically, learned to climb stairs, and began standing for short periods by yourself.


11 months was another BIG month for you! Over the course of the month you learned how to walk, change directions, put yourself back to sleep at night without Mommy, and your vocabulary exploded. You also finally learned how to feed yourself. Through it all, you've kept your sweet personality and a great smile.


Today you are a year old. You've turned from a little baby to a little boy, and Daddy and I are so happy to be your parents. We can't wait to see what next year holds!

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