Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Wow! It's Christmas night and the last two days feel like weeks ago! We've had a wonderful Christmas with Jack... and here are a few of the highlights!

This morning Jack woke up in his new pj's EARLY, which I suppose is payback for all the years Lauren and I dragged my parents out of bed at the crack of dawn. Grandma and Grandpa Friedrich and Uncle Dave came over for yummy Christmas breakfast and to open presents with us.


Jack, who at every chance this holiday season has tried to rip the paper off any present in his path, wanted nothing to do with opening any presents today. Mom opened his presents for him, and man did he clean up! His Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Dave sure know how to spoil him!


Mom and Dad got him a few things, but it was his gifts from Santa that really caught his attention. First was the train rug for the playroom, or I should say the cardboard tubes shaping the rug, which remained his favorite toy all day.


Next was a singing Barney, which Santa must have picked just for Jack, because he loved it, dancing and hugging it all day long.


In case you're counting, that's Santa, 2... Mom and Dad, 0.

He then reenacted his traditional Christmas nap in the middle of opening presents. Although I didn't get a picture of him this year, here's what it looked like last year. Other than being in his crib rather than my parent's couch, it was pretty much the same. :-)

Christmas 07 (14)

After Jack's nap and some more present opening, we left for Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Fred's house for Friedrich Family Christmas, and if you can believe it, I managed not to take any pictures! But we still had a great time, eating and visiting with Daddy's family.

Although Jack still didn't "get" Christmas this year, it was a wonderful holiday with great memories made. Merry Christmas to you all, and now... to all a goodnight.

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