Friday, December 26, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

Something about the holidays makes me aware of how far we've come in the last year.

Christmas, 2007

Christmas 07 (42) Christmas 07 (20)

Christmas, 2008

DSC02511-1 DSC02508

Here are some things Jack is doing at (almost!) 14 months old:

  • Standing up from sitting without any help from Mommy, Daddy, or furniture
  • Saying new words: nana (banana), cracker, night night, one, two, Al-sin (Allison), grandma, grandpa, woah! (said very emphatically), ok, yes! (too funny- he says this whenever I bowl on Allison's Wii), bee (for Barney)... and some Christmas words like baby, angel, tree, and light
  • Saying some two word phrases: more please, up please, my nana, and hi dada
  • Knowing to say "please" or "more" in order to get something he wants without Mommy or Daddy prompting
  • Calling Mama and Dada to get their attention, or when we're in another room... and walking into a room where we are and saying "hi"
  • Initiating songs by "singing" parts of them (row, row, row; patty-patty) or doing motions (taking my hands and clapping while saying "patty" or signaling "head, shoulders" ) then saying "again" after it's over
  • Walking up to things he knows he not allowed to do and saying "no, no, no" while wagging his finger (and then often trying to do it anyway)
  • Fighting with Colton and Kennison over favorite toys
  • Testing his independence at just about every chance he gets
  • Crawling up into my lap to give hugs... sigh, SO sweet
  • And my favorite... sleeping in his crib until at least 6 am every night! (He even slept until 8 once!) It seems after 14 months, he's finally figured out the sleeping thing!

We're so in love with this little boy! He amazes us everyday!

Dec 033

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