Thursday, April 30, 2009

*UPDATED* and his name will be... a contest!


Well, I thought we had taugh Jack the baby's name "surprisingly well," but apparently it only sounded that way to our expectant ears. Here's a little clue, in the form of an initial onesie I made for the little guy yesterday. Feel free to guess again!

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Last night Mike and I spent hours choosing a name for our newest blessing. Today, we were happy to teach it to Jack, who picked up on the name surprisingly well!


Can you tell what Jack's little brother's name will be? Take a guess and leave a comment!

All of the correct commenters (UNLESS you already know... Allison!) will be entered into a drawing to win a sweet pair of baby booties like these...

that I made recently for the littlest Friedrich. You can see the details on these booties at Monkey Stitch, and the winner will be able to hand-pick the fabric color and size of his or her choice! Contest ends whenever Mike decides for sure about the middle name. Probably sometime early next week.

Happy guessing!


Anonymous said...

Hello. We have a guess. My guess is Ian and Wendells guess is Ian, Hayden or Ted. Wendell said that it sounded like he said all three of these names.
We are packing up his goody box as we speak so Wendell can mail it tomorrow when he goes to the post office to work.
Love from South Carolina
The Marks

Anjanette said...

hehe - Jack is too cute! My guess is Ty. :)

Anonymous said...

Savannah wanted to guess the babies name. Carlton and Savannah thinks he is saying Ty.
Savannah Marks

Jacqueline said...

sounds like "ty" is all he can get my guess is tyler!

amosclarkson said...

I heard "Ty-ee" so my guess is close to everyone else's: Ty or Tyler? Eli agrees with me and I had him listen a few times :)

Anonymous said...

How about Cayden? or Cade?

You are driving us crazy having to guess.

Momsie was hoping you would have a little girl and name her Amanda after Momsies great grandmother, so I guess you will have to have a third child to get a girl for us.

The Marks
Tenna and Wendell

amosclarkson said...

Still no clue! Sorry I can't understand you, Jack! We are all anxiously awaiting! Eli is napping up here in Iowa so I'll be thinking some more....

amosclarkson said...

Okay, how about Caleb??? I'm looking at boy names online right about Carson? Calvin? Cayden? Christian? Clayton?

Anonymous said...

My guess is Charlie. Hope I'm right!

Lindsay Newkirk

amosclarkson said...

I think Lindsay is's Charlie, right?? Anxiously awaiting!

Anjanette said...

Oh goodness, I was way off! :D

Andes Adventures said...

We think (actually, this is Jamie's guess) Charlie for the first three times Jack says it, but not sure about the last one.