Monday, November 1, 2010

nothing more than a lot of Halloween pictures


Happy belated Halloween from our very own penguin and dragon!


Roar! And... waddle waddle? (What does a penguin say?)



We hit up a local church's fall festival for some pre trick or treating fun!


(It didn't take Jack long to get tired that that heavy dragon head. :)

DSC07856 DSC07860

Instead of trick or treating in the neighborhood, we went to the retirement community where we go to music class and hung out with the grandmas and grandpas there. It was great for everyone and definitely lucrative in the candy department!


Take a blast from the past and check out Halloween 2009 and 2008. I wasn't blogging then, but one of our most precious Halloweens was in 2007 when we brought our baby Jack-o-lantern home from the hospital!

Jack First Halloween 002

Now, pardon me while I go pass out from a sugar high. Not that I've been eating the kids' candy or anything...

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