Monday, November 22, 2010

November in Jacksonville!

The boys and I loaded up and headed to Jacksonville. I had a weekend training for work so the boys hung with my parents and sister while I did that, then we all had a great time being together. Such a great time... that I took very few pictures!

Here are the few I took.

boys airport

We took a late flight there. I thought it would be great! The boys go to bed early, so I thought they'd sleep on both flights, and we could catch a snack or something on our layover in ATL. Leave it to my boys to prove me wrong. :) So glad I took the double stroller since when we landed in Jacksonville at midnight no one had slept AT ALL! And, well, they behaved about as well as you'd expect a 1 and 3 year old to act at midnight. Oy.


Showing off their orange and blue for Lala's Gators.


Jack's "copia" hat. And pose.


Poor Lala was sick all weekend. So glad she, my parents, and my grandmother will all be here this weekend for Thanksgiving!

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